All you should know about cam sites

What are the cam sites?

The cam sites are places where you can be front of the camera and entertain your viewers. You can dance, act or do whatever you want in order to be paid.

How it works?

You go online, start chatting with your customers in the room and try to attract them to spend some money. All cam sites give you around 50% from your earnings. Other 50% goes to the owner of cam site for technical stuff, payment processor and other. You can do public, private, spy and similar shows.

Some of the sites don’t allow you to do public show, only private.

The best cam sites

If you are looking for best cam site to work for there are a few options you should have in mind:

  1. Traffic
  2. Percentage of earnings
  3. Payout options

In My opinion, if you are completely beginner you need to try with sites with huge traffic. Why? Because if more people visit your room chance for you to earn money is bigger. So take a one site with huge traffic, I recommend Chaturbate, attract visitors and start making money. Soon you will have your loyal customers and whatever other site you choose, they will go with you.

Other sites you can check out:

Live Jasmin

This is short guide how to choose best cam site to work for. Of course, there are other stuff you must to do. You need to prepare yourself for cam jobs, learn basics about acting in the front of camera, read other advises and much more. There are many sources for cam girls and some of them is how to become a cam girl.

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